FLIR E5-XT – Handheld Infrared Camera

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The new launch of Flir E5-XT handheld thermal camera is ultimately the talk of the town, Flir reached the next level of thermal images in this update. The special feature of the update is MSX WiFi. Now we can afford this device and can obtain these special features. The version of MSX has readily detected all the difficulties like, structural issues, blocked issues, overheating issues and mechanism issues, it helps to make the decision fast.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Image mode Automatic adjust, lock image
  • Image camera modes Thermal MSX, thermal, picture-in-picture,
  • Battery Rechargeable 3.6 V Li-ion battery  
  • Battery operating time 4 hours at 25°C (77°F) 
  • Battery charging time 2 hours in charger    
  • The camera weight incl. battery 0.575 kg (1.27 lb.) 


The FLIR E5 series have easy button shipping on display settings, focal free lense, imaging forms, calculation tools, easy of use even from the single tab, in this update that is blowing this camera among them all. 

The MSX had its special method to store the key information from the onboard light camera to infrared pictures in live time. From this thermal picture, it presents the numbers to defined and other features so we can recognize the uncertain problem, and where it is. This feature existed and share the detail using WiFi connectivity via smartphones. 

What is MSX?

MSX means Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging that reduces the clarity of the camera, on the other hand, it increases the visual traits in live time. It captures two pictures together, one by a digital camera and the other one from a thermal camera.

It defines the picture to makes us understand simply what we are looking for. This source will help to create a final report to let the client know where was the issue and how it is solved.

Whenever we are using a thermal imager, the MSX will switch on and off automatically at the same time the thermal and digital pictures both will be saved.

Key Features

  • USB associate easily for data frequency
  • Wi-Fi 9Hz to smartphones ( Android & iOS)
  • Comfortable for mobile usage 
  • The new MSX thermal imaging technology presents accurate pictures
  • Reduce exhaustion among a clutch handle
  • Hours of work with strong, regenerate Li-ion battery
  • Gathers IP54 dust/waterproof resistance 
  • Resolution up to 160 x 120 handheld infrared camera

Thermal Technology

The new FLIR E5-XT is specially designed to improve the electrical, mechanical, plumbing inspections, and analyzing the building and this update takes beyond the industries.

FLIR E5 XT is presenting a fair clarification which can help experts to trace the electrical and mechanical problem, air leaks, condensation process, losses of coating and other various issues.

The handheld infrared cameras reserve the entire JPEG pictures in all temperature level and these cameras are rough in an IP54 form clearly, and it can endure up to 6 feet of drop, while quite flimsy, it weighs a few above entirety weights.

WiFi Connectivity 

The verified images can send to mobile phones or tablets with the FLIR app. Download the FLIR E5-XT thermal imaging WiFi interference (app), after the download we can edit the photos, examineand can create a thermal record. (Maybe some images will not support to send in smartphones).

As an extra option, we can download the images threw via PC with the USB cable. The WiFi 9Hz is a small case, complete and effectual option on IR thermometers

Problems & Solutions

  • Electrical Problems – Discover unseen problems like open connections, incorrect wiring, and missing circuits.
  • HVAC Problems – Identify leak funnel and balance heat, Air conditioner, and radiant tile problems.
  • Lost Insulation – Find weak and lost insulation by analyzing the temperature variations with circling areas.
  • Rust and Decay – Notice temperature variations avoiding huge damage and health issues.
  • Venomous Pests – Hunt under the tunnel and den insects hare, and bucks before expensive illness happens


The FLIR thermal cameras keep upgrading among many expert innovations, like cold and hot calculations, accurate calculations, spotting for our perfect shot, clear the obstacles before it happens, location problems and improve our recognition.

The FLIR E5 XT series is modified within E4+ 320×240 resolution and you can use this to shoot the footage from android and IOS with the help of a thermal app. The IR image, visual image, MSX, thumbnail gallery are the same as present in FLIR E4.  

Within creates the detailed images of HVAC performance that will help to improve our system. It has also clearly shown the poor construction practices of our housebuilder and pointed out where to focus the resolution of this camera is amazing and this camera used by professionals. Although this device is much more expensive than the C2 and E4 models. This product is worth buying, it will not make you disappointed  

Final Words  

We’been researched this product and test this camera for 48 hours. It helps us to prevent future problems and avoid damage before it makes the situation worse, and it helps make a decision fast. If you’re looking for the best thermal camera to prevent problems then its the best choice to choose because it reveals every single issue. Hope our article gave some piece of information about the thermal camera

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