Hti-Xintai 220 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager

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If you want to buy an infrared camera for your needs, this is the right place for buying the thermal imaging camera. Hti-Xintai HT-18 Handheld Infrared Camera is a high-quality camera so you can easily buy the best product for your needs.

The infrared camera has an IR resolution of 220 x 160 and the detection range of 4 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The IR resolution infrared thermal camera has Five color palettes which include the popular White Heat and Black Heat.  

HTI-Xintai HT-18 Resolution IR Thermal Imager

High-Resolution Imagery

The thermal camera has 3.2 full-color display screen options which show thermal detection and visible light resolution of 220 x 160 and that resolution allows users to see the full range of infrared imagery.

Choose from 5 Color Palettes

If you want to choose the ideal color scale for your needs, then there are multiple colors that include cold color, black and white or white and black, iron red, and rainbows.

3 GB Built-in Memory Card

If you’re worried about buying an extra SD card to store your recordings, we provide 3 GB of storage for you. Therefore, you can watch your recordings later on your TV, laptop or any other device.

Ideal for Professionals

The IR resolution infrared camera is mostly useful for a home inspection, traffic farming, archaeology, electronics manufacturing fields, and fire-fighting. These inspection tools identify the temperature reading within 2.5 degrees F.

Lightweight and Comfortable Grip

The 220 x 160 IR Resolutions Infrared Thermal Imager comes with a travel pouch and its weight only 0.83 pounds. The camera storage method is very easy and fits under any place.

The camera-shaped is in gun style and comes with an ergonomic handle which is comfortable and easy at any angle.


  • Full-color display option
  • Provides visible light imagery
  • Read the temperature of targets


  • Low IR resolution
  • Comes from a lesser-known brand

HTI HT-18 Thermal Imaging Camera Overview

The HT-18 thermal imaging camera produces crystal clear images and visualizes in a large screen to get better pictures. It features an impressive resolution and has a lithium-ion battery that increases operation time.

The camera design is lightweight and it is very easy and comfortable to use for an extended period. This camera has a large button for use with gloves on.Most affordable Hti-series thermal camera

Most affordable Hti-series thermal camera

Five Color Palettes

The infrared camera gives five types of color palette, that are Rainbow, Cold color, Iron oxide red, White heat, and Black heat.

USB Charging and Image Transmission

The infrared camera is attached to a chargeable 18650 battery, the USB cable helps you to download easily and take the image to a computer.

Replaceable Battery

You can open the battery cover to replace the battery and also buy extra batteries to replace. This device takes charging time for 2 hours and fully charged for 2 to 3 hours.

Menu Functions

View Image

The menu option helps you to adjust image overlap and has a view image option. 

Color Palette

The color palette has Five color option which is Rainbow, Cold color, Iron oxide red, White heat, and Black heat.

Adjustable Emissivity 

HT-18 allows us to capture more exact measurements and it has adjusted the emissivity.


The infrared camera settings are intensity, auto shutdown, unit, Language, Time, spot, set time, version, format. 

Product Features in Detail

USB Slot

USB slot means to uncover the slotted tape charged with the USB cable. You can easily connect to a computer and thus transfer the images.

Sensor Design

The sensor design is based on ring-shaped inline, the design can completely prevent the sensor starting from damaged with collision.

Screen Protector

The devices are specially made for screen protectors which can be turned off at you receive the instrument. The screen protector stops screen scratches during transportation.

Screen Protective Cover

The protective cover for the lens covers is attached to stop dust from entering or accident to better guard the camera.

Thermal Imaging Applications


You can use HVAC because it is quickly identified and inspect pipe leaks and water pipes leak. The infrared camera easily detects the true heat of the pipe radiated on the surface.


The machine helps you to scan electric water heater, components, electrical cabinets; identify a large number of wires and connectors so you can immediately find the problem. 


The electrical problem is one of the basic problems in buildings, those faults are invisible to the naked eye so you can use HT-18 because immediately you can see hot spots on infrared images. 

Geothermal Heat Pipe

Final Words

This 220 x 160 IR Resolution Infrared Thermal Imager is a perfect inspection tool in buildings. It is used for inspecting pipe leak, as well as water leak problem.

The infrared camera is made by a Chinese manufacturer and the camera design is comfortable to handle. The infrared camera has low IR resolution but it can capture a high-quality picture with full-color options.

Our reviews help you to choose the best product for your needs. Because this camera is the best value for money So you can choose the best thermal imaging camera for your works.

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