Raymarine CAM220 Day & Night IP Marine Camera Review

Written By Kim Goodwin

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The Raymarine visible light cameras are one of the affordable marine CCTV solutions, there are a lot of thermal cameras that have been produced by this company.

You can use such cameras at a variety of lighting conditions and give the best output. There are day & night cameras, interior & exterior cameras so choose the one that you need the most for your boating adventure.

In this section, we’re going to research deeply about the CAM220 IP camera because of its ruggedized construction the camera can be useful for above or below deck applications.

Raymarine CAM220 IP Camera Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

  • Min. Illumination : 0 Lux (IR On)
  • IR Distance: 20M
  • Lens: 6mm Megapixel Board Lens
  • Power consumption: Max. 5.3W with IR
  • Net weight: 900g
  • Operating temperature: -0ºC – +40ºC (+32ºF – +104ºF)
  • Storage temperature: -10ºC – +50ºC (+14ºF – +122ºF)


This dome camera comes with a stylish design and provides all-around selected viability, even the small frame allows for easy and quick installation. To start up this camera just,

→Plug and play with the camera’s MFD running Lighthouse II
→Power over Ethernet (PoE) or direct 12v DC power supply
→High bright IR LEDs for operation in total darkness
→The simple mechanical frame allows the camera to be locked, rock steady, into position.

Product Overview

The CAM220IP camera is the best infrared illuminated eyeball camera that is suitable for both day and night vision.

The main purpose of investing in this camera is, the camera produces the high-definition images which can be either viewed or recorded for later playback.

Let’s look into the specific features

• 12 V dc power
• 20 m I2 beam distance
• 3.6mm wide-angle megapixel board lens
• Multi-streaming of H.264 and MJPEG
• Field of View (Horizontal = 51.0° / Vertical = 93.0°)
Supports image resolutions up to 1080p at 30 fps

If possible you can connect the camera to PC which allows you to use the built-in web interface to access additional features of this camera.

Using this marine thermal camera you can record the video but the record times are dependent on camera resolution, lightings, and the storage space.Dimensions of IP Camera

Dimensions of CAM220 IP dome Camera

Camera Orientation

You can mount this camera in 2 orientations which are ball up and ball down, by default the camera will be fitted to the ball-down position if you need to change the position to up then the video image must be flipped.

How to change the orientation? Using the web interface this is possible.

Orientations of IP camera

LED Status

The LED indicator is fixed to the camera to reveal the current status it can be either solid red, or solid green or blinking green. This color represents the camera’s state.

LED Status of IP Camera

Image Sensor

For getting better images and videos the image sensor must be perfect as it should detect the objects and help the mariners to capture the right target. 2.0 Megapixel 1/2.8″ SONY progressive scan CMOS(Exmor) is the image sensor used in this CAM220 IP.

The total number of pixels used in this camera ranges between 1952(H) and 1116(V) 2.18 Megapixels for producing the output in good clarity.

If you need to record the video it’s possible with the help of video streaming quality as it supports multi-stream with H.264, MJPEG Adjustable frame rate CVBR/CBR in H.264.

HD Quality

The lens of CAM220 IP is 3.6mm Wide-angle Megapixel Board Lens which captures all the scenes in HD quality.

Field of View falls between Horizontal 51.0° +/- 3°, Vertical 93.0° +/- 3° which must be high.

The Resolution rate is Up to 1920 x 1080 (Full HD). The maximum IR Distance is 20M (4 Built-in High Power led’s) so I’m sure that you’ll get the best output by using this camera.


The Pan/Tilt/Zoom feature allows you to move the position of the camera to 360 degrees at the same time it’s possible to change the brightness, sharpness, contrast and mirror value of the dome camera.

There are different types of image settings which are day & night, white balance, etc.

Wrapping Up

Make use of this day & night dome camera and explore your boat adventure without any issues. Just mount this camera and watch the scenes on your display; you can also view it later if needed. Get the best one from the market and spend it wisely.

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