Seek Thermal Compact PRO Review

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The Seek Compact Pro is a thermal imager used to convert your smartphone to a thermal imaging device. It is an attachment to your phone that has a thermal sensor and all the thermal imaging features as a thermal imaging camera. It uses the phone’s battery to get charged.

This lightweight thermal imager can open the world of night vision to you. You can access the imager using the specified mobile application that comes with this.

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  • Resolution: 76,800 pixels or 320×240
  • Dimension: 2x3x7 inches
  • Detection range:  -40 degrees F to 626 degrees F
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Manual focus lens controls


  • Home and building project
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Security
  • Outdoors
  • Hunting

User interface Controls of Seek Compact PRO


Photo and video

Span and level

Features of Seek Compact PRO

Seek compact PRO is one of the best thermal cameras which can be directly attached to your smartphone. This camera gives thermal images directly on your iPhone.

Compact XR unit is a direct successor, which provides a broad temperature range, a wide field of view, high resolution, long-distance range, auto-calibration, and fastest frame.

Great Thermal Resolution

The Seek compact PRO has 320×240 resolution hence it provides a clear image and high thermal sensitivity with a 15Hz frame rate. The Seek compact pro takes the image and video which can be directly stored on your Smartphone. This camera is reasonably fast and compact.

In this latest camera, you can also take radiometric JPEG images and post that easily. You can choose 4:3 and 16:9 format according to your tablet and phone format or size to display a high precision temperature data.

Image and Video recording

Set the focus perfectly using the rotary knob to take the picture, the rotary knob allows to capture the image efficiently, also the margins can be spotted. You can get the high-resolution images that allow seeing even the tiny details, all the pictures are displayed with smooth edges and less distortion. There are multiple color palettes from which you can choose the best one. It’s possible to record the video according to the orientation from your smartphone, the frame rate ranges from 15Hz.

Emissivity Controls and Adjustable Radiometric

The compact PRO emits thermal radiation in various directions and it allows the user to control the imaging process. The device helps you to adjust the difference in settings.

Emissivity affects the energy emitted by the object which in turn influences the thermal camera’s heat calculation. By adjusting the level and span thermal camera focuses on the spot clearly, this can also be done by adjusting maximum and minimum temperature changes. 

Adjustable Focus Lens

Today most advanced cameras are designed with a focus-free lens, but this thermal camera allows us to focus the lens so you can choose the exact imaging area.

Using the focusable lens you can capture thermal images from close as 6 inches too far as 1800 ft.

Wide Temperature Range

The compact pro works better in various environments and measures subzero temperatures to inspect the equipment over 600 degrees F. This device has a measurement range from -40 degrees F to 626 degrees F. The compact pro function with high sensitivity and wide temperature ranges. 

Lightweight and Subtle

Seek Compact PRO is one of the best compact thermal imagers for mobile phones that can be stored in a pocket. This is the reason why it is being the first choice of most experts for small projects. The only downside of Seek compact PRO is that it drains the battery of the mobile phone but still this device can function properly with the least energy also. The device weighs only 0.5 ounces and comes with a waterproof and shockproof protective case.

Wide Field of View

The Compact Pro thermal camera has a substantial field of view of 30-degree vertical and 24 degrees horizontal with a small unit. The compact Pro offers a vast viewing area so it’s not needed to zoom the image. This camera is the most demanding application in the business world. It’s not required to move the camera constantly because it spots the dangers within a second.

Enhanced Mobile App

The Seek compact PRO has an intuitive design and extra essential features for the business users. This mobile app is freely available, you can download in iTunes and Google Play stores, and maximize your phone energy.

Below we have explained the Seek mobile app features:

Seven User’s Mode

Seek comes with seven user modes such as controls high/low temperature, above threshold, below threshold, equal threshold, spot temperature, thermal + visible, and level and span.

Different Color Palettes

The Seek Compact PRO has an easy method of examining data among visual capability.

Thermal Level and Span

The features of Seek allow you to select and locks the temperature range and also it displays every thermal detail of the object or scene. The camera helps you to capture the temperature.


  • Very compact and reasonable
  • Very versatile
  • Great for home and building owners


  • Needs features found in higher-end models

Seek Compact vs. Seek Compact XR vs. Seek Compact PRO

Seek has a lot of successful products on the market and it is pushing the limit on the world for thermal imaging.The seekoffers a Portable infrared camera with a compact size to capture the images in a short time. The seek compact and seek compact XR has the same resolution of the 206 x156 pixels. But the compact PRO has the highest resolution of 320×240 pixels.

Compact and Compact XR has an auto emissivity, and it is adjustable for the compact PRO. The compact and compact XR model has auto mode only but the compact PRO model featuresare auto & span/level control. The difference between the compact and compact PRO is the detection range. The compact PRO is the most advanced among the three models; it comes at a very reasonable cost.

Common Uses of the Compact PRO

Monitor Utility Components

The compact PRO allows home or building owners to undertake preventive maintenance and this camera is straightforward to use. You can immediately identify HVAC and plumbing issues.

Find Lost Animals or Persons          

If you used a compact PRO thermal camera you can easily identify the body heat. The device helps the hunters to spot the location of animals and another use is it allows to track the person in heavy wood areas and vegetation.

Limitation of the Seek Compact PRO

It does not have true image combining

You will not capture information and identify the location of an issue without using a reference image, because it does not have an inbuilt clarity light camera.

It is not easy to adjust the focus lens

The compact PRO focus lens offers more accuracy with a focus-free lens but it’s time-consuming.

Auto calibration is bit disrepute

When you record the video in compact PRO, it displays the continuous calibration which is shown by internal shutter for every 2 seconds.


The Seek compact PRO features a high-end thermal imaging camera and it is one of the most advanced models. This device has multiple control, highest resolution, and detectable range with the frame rate. The design of the Seek Compact is lightweight and compact; it can be directly connected to your iPhone and Android. We have recommended you to choose the seek thermal compact PRO because it offers high-quality thermal imaging technology at an affordable price.

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