Seek Thermal XR Imager Review

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The thermal imager is a device that can be used to view the objects around us using thermal imaging technology with the help of heat in the object. This camera has various uses such as this camera that can be used to view the objects around the user during the night.

Mostly many firefighters use these cameras to spot the exact place of fire bust. There are many types of thermal imager; one among them is the Seek thermal imaging camera. This camera can be used for detecting and viewing various temperature devices around us.

Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

Seek thermal imaging camera is an effective thermal imaging camera and is mostly used by many firefighters and by the people who are not afraid of the dark. This product has many useful features and advantages.


This product has many useful features; the most important among them are listed below.

Long Range

The sleek thermal imaging camera is made up of durable materials. This camera has a long capture range and any heat bodies within the coverage range can be easily detected. This camera uses revealXR FASTFRAME for capturing images. This FASTFRAME is designed with high imaging speed and hence it can detect the heat bodies easily.

Match Your Preferences

This camera provides a clear view of the upcoming region. For a clear view, it provides 7 color patterns to differentiate the ranges of heat. This will help you to obtain a clear image with high resolution.  This device also uses a micro-SD card for storing the captured images.


The design of this device is very simple and compact. Since the design is compact, it can be easily carried in the pocket. This is a handheld camera that can be operated easily. Other than this, the outer body of this camera is made up of durable material with non-slip technology.


The size of the Seek XR camera is compact. It has a small camera unit and just adds some weight to your phone. It looks like one of the parts of your phone hence nobody will notice you while using this with your phone.


It has the capability to capture things with the temperature ranges from -40 to 626-degree Fahrenheit.


As mentioned above, the operation of the sleek thermal imaging camera is simple. It can be used in any indoor and outdoor regions to display the heat bodies effectively. Other than this, the product can also be used by hunters, firefighters, and fog covered regions.


This thermal camera is also equipped with a light. This light can be used whenever needed and with this light, the IR sensors obtain high-resolution images. The light used in this camera is the 300-lumen LED. Light is optional and it can be used whenever required.


As this is a handheld device, the grip offered by this device is high. With this ergonomic grip, the user can use this device efficiently in any direction. It will capture the heat bodies in the viewed areas and display it accurately on the screen.

Other Features

Some other important features of this device are listed below.

  • The casting of this camera is rugged with rubber so that it can be used in any place.
  • This device will help the users to see the regions in dark; hence, it can be used for hunting.
  • It also has an image enhancement option with high resolution.
  • Highly efficient IR sensors are used for durable operation.

Significance of Seek Thermal XR Imager

Seek Thermal XR camera is the perfect tool for outdoor men, hunters, hikers, campers, boaters and those who search for people or animals.

It converts your smartphone or tablet into an outdoor thermal camera with the 206 x 156 thermal sensors to capture the things at dark or low visibility.

This helps you to find the people or animals at dawn and night or long distances. It can be plugged directly into your mobile then translates the thermal energy into the visible image on your phone.

Its 20-degree field of view makes this ideal for outdoor use and it provides the detection range up to 1800 feet. Seek Therma XR camera doesn’t require a separate battery it takes charge from your phone’s battery. It comes with the free Seek mobile app and includes a water-proof case.


Seek Thermal XR Imager has been used in various fields and gives a great solution. We have mentioned some applications in the following.

​Seek Thermal XR Imager in Commercial Trades

If any airlock or an electrical short circuit occurs in your factory or company Seek Thermal XR Imager will help you to identify the problem. It detects the problem using heat energy produces from the machine.

Seek Thermal XR Imager for wildlife

Seek Thermal XR Imager is the perfect tool for you if you are a hunter. This will helps you to capture the animals at night time and the long-distance. This makes your hunting more interesting.

Seek Thermal XR Imager for firefighting

It helps you to see the persons or objects in the smoke if any fire accidents occur. It captures the image using the heat emits from the object and displays the image on your phone.

Seek Thermal XR Imager for home projects

If any the electrical or electronic problem occurs in your home Seek Thermal XR Imager will help you to identify the problem using the heat emits from the objects. Then you can solve the problem with the help of the technicians.

Seek Thermal XR Imager for law enforcement

Seek Thermal XR Imager can allow law enforcement experts to see in the darkness using the heat. It helps the experts to track the suspect quickly in the dark. Also, it creates personal safety and situational awareness.

Seek Thermal Imaging Camera

Key features:
»Hand-held design
» Storage space
» 300-lumen LED

√ Offers grip
√ High resolution
√ Durable

These are the various important features and uses of seek thermal imaging camera.

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