Trijicon IR Hunter MK3 35MM Thermal Riflescope Review

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Trijicon was founded in 1981 by Glyn Bindon. It is one of the most considerable manufactures that provide high-end thermal imaging devices like thermal scopes and rifle scopes for firearms. 

In 1985, Trijicon started to produce self-luminous optics and night sight components. They launched IR-hunter, REAP-IR, IR-patrol, and SNIPER-IR. 

Here we’re going to review the IR hunter MK3 35 mm thermal rifle scope to know how it can help any hunter in their gaming sessions.

IR Hunter Thermal Scope

Trijicon IR Hunter Scopes are specially designed for hunting. It comes with two models that are MK2 and MK3. The MK2 comes in 20 mm and 35 mm. While the MK3 includes 35 mm and 60 mm. MK3 35 mm is the perfect choice for those who want medium-range shooting.  It also offers a better field of view.

Trijicon IR Hunter MK3 Thermal Rifle Scope Review

Now we’re looking into a depth review of the IR-Hunter MK3, which is the updated version of the IR-hunter MK2 model. This scope is designed with plenty of advanced features based on the user’s suggestions.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Brand: Trijicon
  • Zoom Magnification: 8X
  • Field of View: 12 degree
  • High Refresh Rate: 30/60 Hz
  • Resolution: 640*480


It is attached with a Stadiametric range finder, dual lever mount (MK2 has single lever mount), battery extender cable, multiple reticle locations, and download video cable.

The highlight features of this scope are the elevation position readout and the windage. If you’re a glass wearer, then its diopter helps you to focus the images that depend upon the eye relief.

It is attached with a 640*480 micro IR vanadium oxide microbolometer so that you can view both heat and cold objects even without any light conditions.  If you’re interested in hunting during night time, then this scope will help you to reach the target quickly.

Trijicon IR-Hunter MK3’s Night Vision

Refresh Rate

The frequency rate of this scope is high that is 60 Hz, which allows you to follow fast-moving aims without the image blurring.


Trijicon IR- Hunter MK3 is made of aluminum alloy and an eye-catchy black matte finishing. It ensures the quality of the scope so that you can use it for an extended period.


It is built with a weatherproof feature that protects your scope from the weather. You will get clear images even at any adverse weather conditions. It is a water-resistant scope that can submerge up to 3 feet for more than 15 minutes underwater.

Trijicon MK3 35mm Thermal Scope’s Reticle Options

Edge Detection Mode

This mode helps to view the target in a different way, and it restricts the brightness of the display around your destination.

Visual Display Resolution

The bright OLED display has a 640*480 resolution that enhances visibility.  The enhanced target recognition and digital contrast enhancement are great examples of it.

The enhance target recognition allows you to adjust the target automatically, and it is effortless to set up.

What Is The Difference Between The MK2 and MK3?

Both MK2 and MK3 have some similar features such as an OLED display, a 12-micron thermal detector, 640*480 sensor resolutions, and 1.5 to 4.5 X optical zoom. Also, the package includes a USB interface cable, instruction manual, lens pen, reference guide, and digital eyepiece.

Despite these features, MK2 and MK3 have a few differences between them. Let discuss it.

The IR- Hunter Mk2 comes with a single lever mount and a small 20 mm lens.  It gives you a wider field of view on the 20 mm lens.

While the IR- Hunter MK3 has a dual lever mount that delivers higher magnification (4.5X).  It offers a smaller field of view on the 60 mm lens, which is the ideal choice for those who prefer medium and long-range hunting.

The IR- Hunter MK3 is available on two lens options that are 30 mm and 60 mm. Like the MK2, the 30 mm lens is best for both spotting and shooting. You can quickly achieve your small, medium, and long-range target by using this.

The 60 mm model is the best choice for hunting. It is specially designed for long-range shooting, and it comes with a smaller field of view.

Both models are powered by different types of batteries. The IR- Hunter MK2 can work up to four hours, while the MK3 gives a continuous performance for up to six hours.

Finally, the optical magnification for the MK2 is 1.5 X on the 20 mm, as well as 2.5 X for the 35 mm. While the MK3 2.5 X magnification for 35 mm, and 4.5 X magnification for 60 mm.

Both MK2 and MK3 have 8 X digital magnification that helps you to zoom in your targets.

One major issue that we’ve found in this MK is its battery life, you need to purchase a battery pack.

Refresh Rate30 to 60 Hz30 to 60 Hz30 to 60 Hz30 to 60 Hz
Magnification1.5 X2.5 X2.5 X4.5 X
FinishMatte blackMatte blackMatte blackMatte black
Lens19 mm35 mm35 mm60mm
Battery LifeUp to 5 hrsUp to 5 hrsUp to 5 hrsUp to 5 hrs

REAP-IR Mini Thermal Scope

It is the Trijicon’s versatile mini thermal scope. You can use it for your hunting but is not specially designed for hunting like an IR hunter. This REAP-IR is small in size, which is very compact to handle when compared to the hunter scopes. 

It comes around 21 ounces of weight. Its different models also have the same internal components, specifications, and lens, one as mentioned above.

IR Patrol Thermal Monocular

It is a multipurpose thermal monocular from the Trijicon. It is a handheld, rifle mounted, and more versatile one. Its BAE sensor delivers clear images without magnification. It would be best if you used it as a thermal monocular primarily, although it can adapt to other users. Its lens works well for outside up to 1000 yards. With the same specifications, the Trijicon SNIPE-IR 35mm Clip-On Thermal Monocular is available on the market.

SNIPE-IR Clip-On Thermal Scope

It is a high-end thermal scope from Trijicon, which comes in a very sleek and matte black body. If you’re a beginner hunter, this scope can make you professional.

Like the MK3, this scope is specially designed for hunting.

 It comes with a 640*480 resolution that gives enough clear image quality. With the help of daylight scope, you can use this Snipe as a standalone thermal scope. It can stand alone as a thermal monocular too. This SNIPE-IR is one of the best clip-on and user-friendly thermal scopes.

MK3 vs. Pulsar XP 50: Which is the Best?

Pulsar is one of the well known thermal optics brands, and the Pulsar XP 50 is the direct opponent for the Trijicon MK3. The XP50 comes with plenty of features such as video recorder,  wifi compatible, weatherproof, etc. Pulsar XP50 has 50 Hz of refresh rate, which is lower when compared to the MK3. Its image quality is also not commendable than IR- Hunter MK3.

If you want the thermal scope with the latest technology, streaming, and video recorder, then you can go with XP50.

If your priority is to get a clear image and you no need the record or streaming features, then the Trijicon IR- Hunter MK3 is the best option.

Wrapping Up

Trijicon produces the high-end quality thermal scopes and imager, which is available on today’s market. Their scopes are expensive, but it offers plenty of features for its price. If you’re a passionate hunter and search the worth able scope for your money, then the IR- Hunter MK3 thermal imaging scope is the best choice.

Hope so, our article about the Trijicon IR- Hunter MK3 thermal imaging scope will be helpful.

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