Trijicon REAP-IR-2 20mm Mini Thermal Riflescope Review

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Trijicon IR series thermal riflescopes have designed to help the hunters and shooters at the extreme darkness or the low light conditions.

Their range of scopes comes with features to find the distance between the hunter and prey animal, easy mounting coils, multiple reticle options, high and smooth E-zoom, large magnification, a highly sensitive thermal detector, and extended battery.

In this review, we are going to brief how we tested the Trijicon REAP-IR-2 20mm thermal riflescope and its features and how it has performed in the field.

The mini thermal riflescope has tested both day and night to make sure it is a suitable device for all time and weather conditions.

Trijicon REAP-IR-2 20mm Mini Thermal Riflescope Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • 640 x 480 pixels Sensor
  • -40° C to +55° C Operating Temperature
  • 20mm Objective Lens
  • 1.5x Fixed Magnification
  • 8x Digital E-zoom
  • Five Unique Reticle Options

Thermal Sensor – 640 x 480 pixels

The thermal detector used in this REAP-IR-2 20mm riflescope has a 640 x 480 pixels resolution thermal sensor that can capture and process the temperature variations from the range of -40 degrees Celcius to +55 degree Celcius.

The thermal detector in this REAP-IR-2 developed with an Edge Detection feature, which is entirely a different method to see the target with precious details.

If you have not heard about Edge Detect Mode, then it is a fraction of the brightness levels of other viewing modes. With this mode, the eyes are less prone to night blindness from the display screen.

REAP-IR-2 has an in-built rangefinder and ballistic calculator. 

The stadiametric rangefinder in this scope ranges the distance between you and your target. Knowing the distance of your prey, you can step into the target safely. 

Using this rangefinder is as simple as a range unit. You have to set the target size and adjust the rangefinder marks towards your target. That’s it. You get the distance in the display of range readout. 

This 20mm thermal riflescope from Trijicon has easy to use Polarity control modes. With that, you can change the polarity between 3 levels of Black Hot and three levels of White Hot. 

While other riflescopes of this class come with only one level, this REAP-IR-2 20mm riflescope provides Low, Medium, and High levels to choose the perfect polarity mode based on your target and ambient light.

Objective Lens – 20mm

Trijicon REAP-IR-2 20mm riflescope comes with 27mm eye relief to provide better viewing without affecting the eyes. The diopter can be adjusted between -6 to 2 DPT. 

The REAP-IR-2 20mm mini riflescope has a fixed magnification of 1.5 x. So you can’t change it as you need, but the 8X E-zoom offered by the device compensate for the difficulties of fixed magnification.

REAP-IR equipped with a Standard 8X Digital Electronic Zoom System. With that, you can get the various magnifications ranges quickly. 

It also has an advanced built-in sighting system that helps reticle to maintain the boresight.

Trijicon design all its REAP-IR riflescopes with Five Unique Reticle options, and they did it in this scope too. 

Also, this thermal scope has Reticle Position Digital Readouts, which means the Reap-IR Thermal Sight system can display the current reticle position in the lower-left corner of the screen. This feature supports the Ballistic Calculations and Sighting of the scope in a better way.

These new reticle options and features help the hunter to take action in different applications and conditions.

Another exciting feature of this REAP-IR-2 20mm scope is “New Easy Zero.” Easy Zero is nothing but a method that makes sure a hunter or shooter get rounds on their targets faster than ever before. 

Design and Controls

Trijicon implemented its S.W.A.P. concept on this riflescope also. They optimized on Size, Weight, and Power of this scope without affecting the overall performance and features of the device.

The total weight of this unit with batteries is 16 oz, which means Trijicon made it lightweight and compact to use comfortably in any unexpected and critical situations.

To make the mounting process so simpler, REAP-IR-2 has a Superior Versatility Picatinny Top Rail Interface.

The user-friendly control system is another great advantage of this REAP-IR-2 thermal riflescope. 

Like their previous models, Trijicon added a Standard Multidirectional Thumbstick System Control to this scope. That is fully ruggedized and weatherproof. These large intuitive controls are easy to find even in complete darkness.

Battery and Power

REAP-IR-2 mini thermal riflescope used two CR123 batteries, which is a readily available type and rechargeable.

Trijicon added Newly Ruggedized Top-Loading Battery Compartment to this scope to make the battery replacement and charging fast and easier at harshest conditions.

In a Nutshell

The Trijicon REAP-IR-2 20mm riflescope is a compact, lightweight, yet powerful scope that helps hunters get targets in all light conditions. 

Trijicon scopes are trusted by professional shooters and hunters who need speed and target acquisition for nighttime use. 

They can pick from multiple magnification ranges and field of view angle to reach the targets. 

The REAP-IR optimizes its unique SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) culture that, too, with the compact design, lightweight construction, and rugged features. 

Any hunter and shooter who requires a thermal riflescope or a weapon sight that should move you from weapon to weapon with ease, choose no further than the REAP-IR scopes

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