Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope Review

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Having the best quality thermal riflescope will provide you the excellent hunting experiences. But nowadays it is very difficult to find the best riflescope among the lots of models on the market so you may get confused. To avoid these, we’ve introduced the new latest model from Trijicon called Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope.

It is a perfect choice for those who need a mini riflescope for their hunting rifles. It will give you a great result while operating on the field. We’ve provided the complete review of the Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope with its features and functionalities.

Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope Review

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Trijicon is one of the leading brands that manufacture and produce a variety of thermal scopes on the market. Now they released the new advanced model Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope with great features. It is a compact and ultra-lightweight riflescope that makes you comfortable on the field while hunting. It can fit with any type of rifles, and it is best for all the rifles.


  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Magnification: 2.4x
  • Field of View: 12°
  • Frame Rate: 60 Hz
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +131°F
  • Battery Life: 2 hours/battery

The IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope is the most powerful riflescope that allows you to identify your targets at all the situations. The Reap-IR-2 riflescope is combined with the features and performance of IR-Hunter and the size and weight of the IR-Patrol. Moreover, it is an upgraded version of the traditional scope with some of the advanced features.


The Reap-IR-2 35mm mini thermal riflescope integrates with various advanced features to provide accurate results at any environmental conditions.

Design & Construction

The Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm mini thermal riflescope comes with a compact and lightweight design, so it makes you comfortable while operating. It contains strong and rugged construction, so it withstands at the bad weather conditions. It is designed to fit on any rifles easily with few steps. Due to its compact size and lightweight, you can carry this wherever you go, and it won’t add any weight to your rifles. 


The Reap-IR-2 35mm mini thermal riflescope contains the 640 x 480 pixels of resolution with the 2.4x magnification. It provides you the high-quality thermal images and the fast and accurate target identification. With this, you can get a clear view and images of your target at the complete darkness. The 30mm lens provides you the  12° of field of view that allows you to see the surroundings of your target and prevents the dangers.

Stadiametric Rangefinder

The Reap-IR-2 35mm riflescope comes with the stadiameric rangefinder that provides you the accurate distance of your target. It is the most useful feature to you while operating on the field. The rangefinding system uses the reticle lines and adjustable angular spacing to identify the distance quickly. It allows you to select the size and height of your target then calculates the distance and displays on the screen. The stadiametric rangefinding technology is faster than the laser rangefinding techniques, and it can be used in the long-rage military snipping.

Mini DLOC Mount

The DLOC-IRD quick release mount is a miniatured and skeletonized modification of the popular A4S DLOC line optics and accessory mounts. It is the only True return to zero mount that is available in the IR Patrol M300w. The DLOC-IRD also takes more rail than the competiting mounts, and the DLOC licensed design makes it a most accurate quick release mount on the market. The DLOC-IRD mount can be used various platforms like military spec and you don’t need to adjust for tension. If you want to move your IR Patrol on or off without need to re-zero, DLOC-IR mount is a perfect choice. With this, you can maintain your accuracy in any situation.

Edge Detection Mode

The Reap-IR-2 35mm thermal riflescope contains the edge detection mode that gives you a different way to view your target. It is the fraction of the brightness of the other modes so that your eyes won’t affect by the blindness. For some tactical situations, your display should be dim as not to be detected, so it reduces the brightness. The Reap-IR-2 contains the advanced feature that can be used in some high-end military thermal sights. The edge detection mode provides a different way to see your target with the black screen and white surrounding edges. You can’t find this ultimate feature in any other commercial sights.

Polarity Modes

Typically, most of the thermal imaging devices come with one level of white-hot and black-hot. Some models contain the color palettes, but the majority of the users would like to use the black hot and white-hot. Instead of giving you the color palettes, it comes with the three levels of black hot and white-hot. With this, you can choose the one level that is perfect for you in the black hot and white-hot modes.

Reticle Position Readout

Generally, the X/Y location provides you the X and Y values easily for the locations you need. This displays your current reticle position in the lower-left corner of the screen with the ballistic calculation of your scope.

The Reap-IR-2 comes with the rugged, multi-directional thumbstick system controller that allows you to identify your targets in the complete darkness quickly

Enhanced Target Recognition

The Reap-IR-2 35mm mini thermal riflescope comes with the Enhanced Target Recognition that is the ideal feature with beneficial technology. Most of the thermal devices automatically adjust the contrast and brightness of the image over the display screen. The ETR removes the image around the crosshair or the majority of the screen area. It adjusts the image in the display area and finally gives you the perfectly adjusted image for the quick target acquisition.

Battery Life

The Reap-IR-2 comes with the ruggedized, top-loading battery section that is designed to change the batteries easily and quickly. It includes the two removable CR123 batteries and provides you the four hours operation time in the field.

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Final Words

The Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope is the powerful thermal riflescope with its excellent features. It provides you the great performance and allows you to identify your target easily in any situation. If you’re a professional hunter and looking for the standard riflescope for your hunting, we suggest you the Trijicon Reap-IR-2 35mm Mini Thermal Riflescope. It enhances your hunting and takes your hunting adventures to the next level. We hope our review will help you to know more about the Reap-IR-2 35mm and make the right purchase.

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