ATN ThOR-HD 640×480 Smart Thermal Riflescope Review

ATN Thor HD Thermal Scope comes with Obsidian Core “T” II technology to provide more features with the lower cost which permits ATN to make a wide range of usage in the thermal product line. 

The HD Thermal Scope from ATN is designed with incredible sensor system combined with advanced features such as a 3D magnetometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, integrated WiFi, ultra-smooth zoom, and so on.

By having ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x Thermal Scope, you can find prey with the power of precise thermal.

ATN ThOR-HD 640x480 Smart Thermal Riflescope Review



  • Mode: Day/Night
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.371
  • Sensor: HD 1080p
  • Display Sensor: 640X480
  • Initial Velocity: 2850 fps
  • Magnification: 5-20X


  • Profile Manager
  • Smart Shooting Solution
  • Smart HD Channel
  • Recoil Activated Video
  • 3D Gyroscope GS7
  • 3D Magnetometer

ATN brand decided to update its products unlike conventional technologies and stuffed features. That’s why it releases a new Thor HD series, which provides an enhanced experience while used for hunting.

It focuses on developing all the features that make these thermal scopes more user-friendly by designing compact units with beneficial features.

While some of these are very affordable, they are more efficient than some of its earlier units that make it possible for scopes to receive and analyze data further to create clearer images.

Obsidian Core

The Thor HD thermal scope comes with an integral and highly speculated system, called the Obsidian Core, designed to run a set of sensors and suppress large files.

The Integrated Sensor comes with high resolution at its core to make it work even at night or in low light environments.

The ATN Core has a billion cycles per second that set it apart from other brands. This allows you to customize the creation of the device to set up your smartphone.

Smart Shooting Solution

ATN Thor - Smooth Shooting Solution

If you want a perfect shot every time, you need to turn through the wind then adjust the incline angle, further customize the distance. Finally, the point of collision will move to have the precise shot.

The frame rate delivered by this scope is 50hz thus you can get smooth motion images within the fraction of the second.

Not only that, but this handy scope is structured by a ballistic calculator that can calculate the trajectory of your bullet. This calculation is used for very precise and super smooth shooting.

The calculated value will help you to attain the exact shot placement by adjusting your impact point. 

Recoil Activated Video (RAV)

ATN Thor - Recoil Activated Video

But there is an RAV mode in this Thor series which has the capability of capturing pictures and recording the shot even if you forget to press the button.

When you set your video record to RAV mode, the system buffers everything that your scope observes.

As the trigger pulls, you have a full video of what you saw before the shot was taken. By this, you may not miss any important shots.

Smart Rangefinder

ATN Thor - Smart Rangefinder

With this smart rangefinder you’ll never have to worry about guessing, complex calculations or chart memorization to get a perfect range of the target. 

The reticle fixed in this rangefinder will autonomously change its point of impact when you just ranged it once.

You’ll able to range your target by just two clicks and a shift of your scope.

This built-in rangefinder will greatly enhance your shooting ability and contribute to making you a range expert. It comes with a ballistic coefficient of 0.371 to achieve your target.

Profile Manager

If you want to get a precise angle with the accurate calculation to capture your shot, initially, you need to save all the zeroing-in and ballistic data in your scope’s Profile Manager.

Experts are advised that this is very serviceable for every weapon you plan to utilize X-Sight.

You’re always entitled to generate a new profile as you are ready to go, meaning you don’t have to reset the setting of your profile every time.

Smooth Zoom

Its smooth zooming technology allows you to magnify your target with the step zoom systems, so you won’t lose anything while capturing.

Unlike other traditional optics, it comes with a 2850 fps of initial velocity to capture the perfect shot. This kind of soft zoom system encourages you to move closer to the target.

ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x Thermal Scope


This 640 model particularly comes with the progressive zooming of 5-50X with a 100mm objective lens which is perfect for a long-range target.

ATN ThOR-HD 640 1.5-15x Thermal Scope

As well, it comes with a 1.5-15X progressive zoom model scope that’s ideal for short-range hunting.

Video Recording

ATN Thor - Recording Video

ATN ThOR HD comes with 5X optical zooming and 50X digital zooming and image stabilization capability ensure that all shots are in the right frame.

This mission includes an essential micro-HDMI port to connect to a video recorder, computer or television.

It is designed to support SD cards from 4GB to 64GB and allows microSD on-board. The ATN Thor series has an integrated microphone so it can be turned on or off when needed.

This ATN Model 640 provides excellent image performance with the X480’s sensor, which is ideal for night vision.

The ATN Thor-HD thermal scope sets it apart from other brands because it detects thermal energy instead of light energy for shooting. Because of this technology, the target is clearly visible in pitch darkness.

Smart HD Channel

An SD card allows you to record your adventures without USB cables.

It allows you to effortlessly download in a mobile phone or tablet to keep your recorded footage safe.

The units are compatible with both iOS and Android and are embedded with Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth & WiFi

ATN Thor - Wifi Streaming

Using this app, you can control your device and observe live streaming clearly. The device allows you to connect your phone or tablet and view everything at once.

You can share the recorded videos or pictures through Bluetooth 4.1 to others via social media or mail.

Other Useful Features 

Gyroscope :

By implementing an integrated gyroscope and image stabilization feature, the target can be identified precisely.

The built-in gyroscope helps to reduce the user’s handshake when performed. This is a very useful feature when used at a high magnification range.

Having a great gyroscope for this purpose will guide your constant vision and make your experience more fun.

E-Barometer :

Thor-HD is equipped with a next-gen barometer to provide accurate data and a perfect shot every time.

The special thing about this barometer is that it can be able to work well in any atmospheric pressure. So you can simply make sure everything is okay!

E-Compass :

The ATN 640 model is integrated with a new digital e-compass that aims to accurately reveal the direction you want to go. This way you can move closer to your goal and get a better view.


Everyone perceives the world from a distinct perspective. The ATN Thor-HD Thermal Scope affords another view of the target you see, and it enables you to experience the view in the dark using night vision technology.

The ATN Thor-HD series comes with a moderate price range, which enables objects or individuals in low light situations to view via heat. It can be practiced in several fields and applications to shoot the target.

If you’re a beginner in outdoor activities it will be the perfect device for your needs.  

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