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thermal Scope is an essential tool for hunting, and it takes your hunting to the next level. It is important to find the best thermal scope for your hunting, and it is the toughest job nowadays because there are plenty of brands available in the market. When it comes to thermal imaging products, ATN is the leading brand in the market, and it becomes the no 1 product among the competitors.

It produces a different series of models to the market. In the series, there are lots of thermal imaging devices available to provide you the better experiences. ATN ThOR 4 and ATN ThOR LT is the best thermal scopes with the advanced features. In this review, we have reviewed the comparison between the ATN ThOR LT and ATN 4.

ATN ThOR LT Review

ATN ThOR LT is the latest model in ATN, which is powerful and lightweight with high-quality and affordable prices. ATN ThOR LT is designed to look, mount, and operate as a traditional riflescope. It is constructed with strong aluminum material for long-lasting life.

Key Features

Easy to Mount
Traditional Design
Low Power Consumption
One Shot Zero function
Affordable price

Its hardened aluminum body and easy mount make this scope ideal while using large-caliber rifles and other devices. This thermal scope allows you to focus your targets without the with the minimum efforts. The ATN ThOR LT comes with many effective features that provide an accurate view and allows you to hunt perfectly.

Thermal Resolution

It comes with the 160 x 120 thermal resolution that provides you an accurate view of the target at long distances. Low resolution distorts your target and decreases the accuracy of your shot. The ATN ThOR LT is reliable and possible thermal scope, which makes your hunting successful.

Refresh Rate

The ThOR LT contains the 60 Hz refresh rate. Most of the professionals recommend that you have to choose a thermal scope higher than the 30 Hz refresh rate that is the perfect choice for your hunting. The images are refreshed many times to provide a clear image of your target while hunting. The refresh rate allows you to captures the images even when the object is moving.

Design & Modes

Thor LT riflescope is the lightweight model in the ThOR series. It weighs at 1.4 lb so that it won’t highly increase the weight of your rifle and make your rifles balanced. ATN ThOR LT can be mounted crossbows, air rifles, rimfire rifles, and other devices according to the weight factor. 

Moreover, it comes with two types of modes, such as black hot and white-hot. ATN keeps the users in mind, provides these modes so you can choose any mode based on your preferences.

Optics Options

The ATN ThOR LT contains two magnifications of 3-6x and 4-8x. The 3-6x riflescope has detection range up to 475 meters, human recognition range of 240, and 11 x 8.3 field of view. ThOR LT 4-8X thermal scope has the same specification as 3-6x. It has 625 meters, 315 of human recognition range, and 8.3 x 6.2 field of view.

Battery Life

ATN ThOR LT comes with a lithium-ion battery, which provides you the 10 hours of continuous battery life with a single charge. It lasts up to 6 hours of full charge, and it has a USB-C port for charging purposes. You can charge the scope using the cables.


ATN ThOR 4 Review


  • High-Resolution
  • Durable Construction
  • Utlra sensitive Gen 4 sensor
  • Dual Stream Video Recording
  • Ballistic Calculator

The ATN ThOR 4 provides the most advanced technology and newly developed features for the hunters. It comes with the classic ergonomic designed optics that make your hunting adventures more interesting. It is one of the best thermal scope used by most of the professional hunters. With high-resolution and refresh rate, it allows you to capture the clear images and record the videos. It can able to allow large capacity SD cards so that you can store a large number of images and videos itself.

Main Features

The ATN ThOR 4 provides you the more advanced features with the new technology. With the combination of integrated ultra-sensitive next-gen Obsidian thermal sensor and live video streaming, you can able to view and record in high-resolution.

Thermal Resolution

The ThOR 4 riflescope comes with the 4th generation Obsidian thermal sensor that provides 384 x 288 thermal resolution. It is equipped with the great optics that provide you the accurate and reliable images of even the small targets at long distances.

Refresh Rate

The ThOR 4 riflescope contains the 60 Hz of refresh rate on both the 384 and 640 ranges; that’s why it is classified as HD thermal imaging. The HD features provide clear pictures with high-resolution. It makes this one of the most important when compared to the other thermal scopes. Using this refresh rate, you can view the small targets at low light conditions even at long distances.

Video Recording

If you want to share your hunting adventures with your audience, friends, family, and other social platforms, you need a high-resolution thermal scope. ATN ThOR 4 riflescope contains the 1280 x 960 of video resolution that allows you to record the hunting adventures at 30/60 frames per second. You can store this video on the 64 GB SD or transfer it to other devices.

The ThOR 4 comes with the dual streaming feature, which means you can stream the video live while recording on the SD card. This is very handy for you and also a safety feature if you are hunting in different scenarios.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important while looking for thermal gear. But ATN won’t disappoint you in this feature because it provides 18 hours of battery life. You can thank the efficient dual-core processor, which saves your energy while running. ATN ThOR 4 can take you to the next level of hunting with a long lifetime.

Digital Zoom

After hours of testing, we came to know that 6x digital zoom in this Thor 4 is very easy to use; the zoom wheel on the left of the thermal scope allows us to get a better shot of your target.

One-shot Zero

With this feature, you can eliminate the hassle in the sighting of your scope. One-shot Zero helps to take a shot easily, just adjust the reticle to hit the target and save the settings. 

The primary use of this feature is, it gradually reduces the amount of time to spend on sighting in your scope.

Menu System


The menu system is pretty straight forward and has a different function; it is a user-friendly device, so most of the hunters love this scope. 

The intuitive layout and minimal button input toggle the features on or off.

The ATN obsidian app navigates and changes the settings directly from your tablet/phone effortlessly.

Recoil Activated Video

Are you a beginner for hunting? Don’t panic, and Thor 4 thermal scope makes your life easier. The recoil activated video helps to review the footage whenever you need it. 

The thermal scope records while you take a shot and continue recording for a few seconds. At the end of the day, you can view all your footages and replay the videos as you like.

The Range on the 1.5-15x

ATN Thor 4 is the most popular among hog hunters. The 1.5-15x is the unit of range for the lens using which you can view both short and medium rage-range. Depending on your shooting distance, you can choose a lens from the various optic options.

Detection Range

It is possible to detect the target from 1050 yards, and this device is pretty impressive when compared to other models.

Recognition Range

You can detect the target or image range from afar, and you need to be within the detection range of 530 yards to recognize the human-sized object.

Identification Range

The Thor 4 identification range is recording the exact nature of the target and eliminates the guesswork. You can use this model with the detection range of 330 yards.

Different Lens Options

The Thor 4 has different lens options, which are

  • 4-40x
  • 2.5-25x
  • 1.5-15x
  • 1-10x

The lens is an essential factor to consider while choosing a scope because it can affect the field of view and viewing range. With this wide range of options, you can pick the perfect lens for your needs.

Images Taken By ATN ThOR 4

Final Words

Hunting grows in popularity, but the requirements of hunting grow with the quality of the thermal scope. Choosing the best thermal scope for your hunting will enhance your hunting experiences. In this review, we have compared the two best thermal scopes in the ATN brand with lots of study and researches. You can choose which one is suitable for your needs according to your budgets. We hope this review will help you to choose the best thermal scope for your hunting adventure.

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