EOTech Light Weapon Clip-On and Stand Alone Thermal Sight Review

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Thermal sights are an amazing innovation as it gives operators the upper hand specifically while they’re working in fog or darkness. In this technological world, most of the companies are providing better thermal sights at affordable prices.

One of those products is the EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight. This scope is available to U.S citizens as well as law enforcement personnel. This long-range weapon-mounted thermal sight can identify the target even in total darkness, let’s dive onto the detailed review of this thermal sight.

EOTECH, LWTS- 640x480 Resolution, 7 Micron Thermal Sight
  • Clip on and stand alone thermal capability
  • 640 x 480 17m uncooled micro bolometer
  • Insights Ultra VOx enhanced thermal imaging

EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Sight Review

Weight < 2.5 lb. (1.187 kg) with batteries
Battery Life>10 hours at 25°C (77°F)
Field of View7.4° (±0.5) horizontal (HFOV)
Magnification2x with 1⁄2x (clip-on) and 4x digital zoom capability
Focus Range5 m to infinity
Frame Rate30 Hz
Recognition Range>2,500m in clear air

Product overview

This thermal sight can be used as a standalone device also it’s possible to switch clip-on mode. It comes with 1X magnification with 2X optical zoom so the target can be easily identified as you can zoom the lens to the maximum but the images will not be distorted.

The EOTech thermal sight acts as a camera as it comes with a zoom feature when you attach to the scope, the magnification and reticle of the optics can be utilized.


The screen resolution is 640 x 480 which is pretty good and can focus from 3 meters to infinity. The EOTech LWTS thermal sight is primarily designed for low-power optics, it weighs just 2 pounds also lighter when compared to previous models.

It is capable of running up to 10 hours as the sight operates on four AA batteries. There are four ballistic weapon reticles that are available in clip-on mode and sightable within 1 MOA.


The LWTS-LR is using leading-edge 17 μm technology within a 640 x 480 microbolometer, this high-resolution display is the major reason for the production of thermal images and electronics that provides exceptional imagery as well as the long-mission run times in a single battery load.

Detection Range

This thermal sight can be used as a handheld stand-alone sight and long-range weapon-mounted sight, the total detection range of EOTech sight is 2500m for a sniper as well as reconnaissance missions.


The EOTech Light Weapon Thermal sight is ergonomically designed and has numerous easy to use controls for rapid adjustments.

If you’re in the middle of the forest also during the nighttime then it would be tedious for you to operate the device but with the help of simple push-button controls, you can do whatever you want. It has an integrated shutter for hands-free non-uniformity calibration.

The clip-on thermal capability can be used across medium as well as heavy caliber weapon platforms. It is completely field maintainable thermal sight for a shooter. The thermal scope can be used for detection, identification, and recognition of the target which is relative to LWTS.

MOA(Minute Of Angle)

While you’re using the thermal sight in a clip-on mode then it needs less than two minutes of MOA shift retention. There are five different customizable ballistic weapon reticles that are boresightable to less than one MOA for use in the stand-alone mode.

EOTECH, LWTS- 640x480 Resolution, 7 Micron Thermal Sight
  • Clip on and stand alone thermal capability
  • 640 x 480 17m uncooled micro bolometer
  • Insights Ultra VOx enhanced thermal imaging

Final Words

This lightweight thermal sight would be the best option for your wildlife adventure just try this and enjoy its benefits for your lifetime. Check out our review and get the keen knowledge about EOTech Thermal Sight. 

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