Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager and Rifle Scope Review

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Thermal Imagers are in circulation for many years.

They are very popular because they provide quality functionality and generous benefits in a variety of different fields.

This is why the number of people who use thermal imagers in terms of applications has increased exponentially.

With the increase in demand for thermal imagers at such a scale, there is no wonder that its manufacturers have increased the number of models produced by them.

But here is where you need to be very careful. If you are a newcomer to the field, it is very important to have a qualified model.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Instead of choosing the cheapest one, the quality model you’ll choose should be worth the money you spend.

We have reviewed the choice of the right model for you to avoid confusion and hesitation to purchase the best one for your tactical and hunting purpose.

Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager is our choice of the Best Thermal Imager available in the market with very affordable prices.

Let’s continue the review.

Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager


  • Resolution: 80×60 pixels
  • Size: 70 X 46 X 39 mm
  • Spectral Range: 8 – 14 micron
  • Magnification: 3X – 5.5X
  • Focus: Auto-focus
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1 m
  • Tube Diameter: 30 mm
  • Field-of-View: 17° to 9°
  • Display: 1.3″ OLED
  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Magnification Type: Variable
  • Maximum Range: 75m – 150 m
  • Power: CR2 Rechargeable Battery
  • Operating Time: 4+ hours
  • Operating Temp.: -10° to +45° C

Internal Display Technology

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

The Internal Display Technology engineered by Sector Optics made a new revolution in handheld optical equipment.

Military pilots are utilizing optical devices that have head-up-display to offer good positioning.

With the incorporation of this ID technology, Sector optical products like spotting scopesrifle scopes, monoculars, and binoculars come with a transparent display.

Applications like ballistic information, video streaming (thermal & night vision), and some more data streaming are allowed by this ID Technology.

Target Focusing

Hunters want the optics to be at the right angle for their preferred target and to provide accurate shooting.

This is what all optics users, not just hunters, can expect. This T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager designed by Sector Optics is equipped with internal visualization to provide better situational awareness and give the user a wider view.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

The T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager is now available to all businesses and personal users, with all of its military capabilities being used only by government security agencies.

Imager or Riflescope

If you’re ready to purchase this Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal product, you’ll receive double benefits with this package.

Can you guess? Here’s the reason, the T20 Thermal Device from Sector Optics is designed for tactical purposes.

You can use this ultra-lightweight device as a handheld thermal imager or mount it on your rifle to use it as a thermal rifle scope.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

With the help of 30mm mounting rings, you can mount this T20 thermal device onto the standard rifle then utilize it as a rifle scope.

Magnification & Zoom

This dual-us thermal device is equipped with the variable type magnification range from 3X to 5.5X thus you can easily target the object without obstacles.

To provide more precision, it has two different ranges of unique optical zooming: 2X and 5X.

It has a minimum focus limit of 1m to detect the observing target, even if it is far away from you. With this, you can easily and quickly complete your hunting task.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Along with that, it comes with a decent spectral range of 8 to 14 micron, permits the user to capture the object in vivid colors and perfect contrast.

Though it receives the worst fall and the heavy impact it won’t damage due to the durable 30mm tube fitted with this riflescope.

Superior Thermal Detection

With the sensor resolution of 80×60 pixels, the T20 thermal imager provides stunning performance.

To offer a wider range of detection this handheld thermal imager is configured with Field-of-View from 17° to 9°.

This thermal imager allows the user to make a maximum level of output with the aid of this high FOV and resolution.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Image Processing

On the side of image processing, to deliver high quality and high-resolution images at both day and night time, it’s configured with a refresh of 9 Hz.

Though it has a medium range of refresh rate, the T20 thermal imager provides clarity in output. Additionally, it comes with a shutter that has automatic NUC.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

With the blend of features and incomparable mechanism of this Sector Optics T20, you can detect the target from 75m to 150 m.

Display Views

Like other expensive thermal imagers, the T20 handheld thermal imager is designed with multiple display views.

Meaning it offers four distinct options to view the target in its display: Black Hot, White Hot, NV Green, and Color.

As well, it’s equipped with a superior onboard imager enhancer to deliver a target image precisely.

This enhancement feature is greatly welcomed by all hunting enthusiasts as it provides quality and accurate results in the field.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Battery Pack

Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal Rifle Scope is powered by the CR2 type of rechargeable battery.

With this rechargeable battery the unit can continuously run up to 4 hours, and sometimes it can operate one more hour.

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

In order to prevent the internal damage of the device, it’s fixed with the operating temperature of -10° to +45° C.

Power Saving Mode

The Sector Optics Thermal is designed with a motion sensor system that senses the motion of the device and shuts off the unit if it’s continuously idle for 5 minutes.

This is one of the great functionalities of Sector Optics, thus the unit saves the battery life and prolongs the life of the thermal imager.

Testing Video – Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Image Gallery – Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager
Sector Optics T20 Thermal Imager

Final Words

Made with integrated visual technology, this dual-purpose Sector Optics T20 3-5.5x Thermal Imager has unlimited capabilities to provide the user with a rich environment of realism!

The Sector Optics T20 utilize in both professional and semi-professional applications such as firefighting, commercial applications, search operations, rescue missions, military training, etc.

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