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Thanks for your interest in writing for the!

If you want to share your knowledge with the wide audience, then you are in the right place. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about submitting a guest post on our website.

Should I pitch you my idea before writing the post?

Sure! Contact us through our website and you can share your ideas. We are happy to evaluate your pitch and please allow up to two days for our managing editor to respond to your pitch.

Have any tips for ensuring my piece is a fit for thermo gear?

The post should be in blog style with short paragraphs, numbered list, and bullets. Try to include a catchy headline, introduction, and at least two subheadings.

How should I submit my post?

Please submit your post in Microsoft word or an editable Google document format.

How long should my posts be?

The article should be at least 1000 words long.

Should I include links within the piece?

Include one link to your website or blog and don’t add any affiliate link.

What should I do after I submit my post?

Once your post is live you can promote the article to your readers on your blog and other social media accounts.

We look forward to your contribution!