FLIR First Mate HM-224 Night Vision Camera Review


During night time, traveling on the boat seems to be the toughest job. So, the FLIR First Mate HM-224 thermal camera is able to detect and find out the objects in the water and the ships coming from the opposite direction.  With the thermal camera, you can have a safe journey.  It helps to protect the life of human beings.


First Mate Thermal Camera

You can view the water in thermal imaging better than any other night vision technology. You can search the large areas very quickly within a few minutes. It helps to spot the objects or any other people in the water. Even in total darkness, white fog or in smoke, you can find out the objects very clearly. It is not only, used to capture the images, but also it is used to catch the video. As it is not permanently mounted on the vessel, you can carry it anywhere you want.

It helps to find out the debris, channel markers, boats in the total darkness and in poor weather. Beyond the maritime applications, they are used to detect the problems in the construction of buildings and in viewing the wildlife animals.

Adjusting Brightness

The brightness of the camera can be adjusted with the brightness adjustment feature. You can also increase or decrease the level of brightness.


The details of the image and performance of the ranges can be provided in a better way through the higher resolution option.


It had the capacity to view the small vessel up to 4949 feet away or a person in the water from 1,800 feet.


The color of the product is a combination of yellow and black.


It is 9.36 wide, 2.62 height and 3.33 inches depth. The weight of the thermal camera is 1.45 pounds.  Thus, it is a lightweight product.  So, it can be easily carried by anyone and shifted from one place to another place. Its compact size helps the people to carry at the time of traveling, camping, etc.


The thermal camera is operated with the help of the alkaline battery and lithium-ion batteries.  It can stand up to 5 hours of time.

LCD Display

It is provided with the features of white hot and black hot viewing modes.  The displays are very clear and can be read by all the persons.


The SD card is used to store the images.


As this thermal camera is made of the best quality materials, it can stay for long periods of time. It won’t get damaged soon. The materials are waterproof. When it drops in the water, it floats in it and finds out the objects.

For the user’s convenience, we’d like to inform you that, this particular product is unavailable right now if it comes back to the market intimations will be given shortly for the customers by us.

FLIR First Mate HM-224 Night Vision Camera

Key features:  waterproof, lightweight.

Pros: Easy recovery, durability, easy to use.

With respect to the review above, consider purchasing the product if it satisfies your needs.




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