How to Hunt Ghosts With a Thermal Camera – A Beginner’s Guide

Ghost hunting is the process of investigating paranormal activities in the location that is haunted the unknown.

The people who involved in the act of investigating the paranormal presence are called ghost hunters and they are also known as paranormal investigators. The research is done by a group of people because it is recommended to never attempt alone.

A group of people in a team collects the data from the area haunted by the unknown. If you are a beginner in ghost hunting, we will provide you the ghost hunting guide about ghosts, and ghost hunting using thermal cameras.

Ghost Hunting Gear

Having the right tool during ghost hunting will help you to easily find out the paranormal presence.

Ghost hunting tools play an important role while investigating paranormal activities.

The tools are more reliable than human eyes and senses. In this field, most of the professionals have own choice about what kind of equipment they need and they agree that ghost hunting gears are important to investigate the ghosts.

Professionals use different kinds of tools such as EMF readers that measure the magnetic frequencies, Spirit box that is a great tool to pick the sound of the ghost, thermal camera is the great tool to find out the paranormal presence using the thermal heat signature of surrounding environments and ghost hunters thermal camera app is designed to directly use in smartphones and tablets.

But many professionals suggest that a thermal imaging camera is a great tool for ghost hunting. Let’s see about the ghost hunter’s thermal imaging camera, how to use choose and use while ghost hunting.

Ghost hunting with Thermal Camera

Thermal imaging cameras are very popular and a precious tool for ghost hunting that senses and displays the area of hot or cold.

Many professionals feel that a thermal camera is an essential tool for ghost hunting.

Most of them believe that the unexplained cold area is the symbol of the paranormal presence. But you shouldn’t aware of only cold areas of the haunted place and the unexplained hot area also shows the paranormal presence.

There is no great method than thermal cameras to hunt the ghosts. Thermal cameras capture the heat emitted by the object instead of a visible light range that indicates the temperature of everything in the field of view.

Thermal cameras can tell the difference in the temperature of an area without any contact with the objects because it is not a contact temperature sensor.

The temperature difference is converted to electrical signals and displays on the screen in different colors. Colors such as yellow, red, pink and orange are indicating hot areas and the over hot area indicates white. Colors such as blue, purple and green indicate cold areas and the black indicates a very cold area.

Choosing the best thermal camera for Ghost Hunting 

Thermal imaging camera ghost hunting enables you to spot the paranormal presence in the haunted area. Thus, you have to choose the best ghost hunting thermal camera for your ghost hunting.

While purchasing the ghost hunting camera, you have to consider certain factors like size, temperature range, sensitivity, etc. In earlier, thermal cameras were very expensive but now there are lots of models come with affordable prices for professionals. They will definitely suitable for your ghost hunting adventures.

You can move around the area while holding the camera and focus the different directions to find the paranormal activity hence you have to consider the portability.

A large and heavy camera can make you tired easily hence you have to buy the compact, portable and handy camera for comfortable hunting.

You have to choose a handheld camera or a smartphone camera. The handheld camera is slightly larger than the smartphone thermal cameras and it has a high-temperature range and extended sensitivity. It is the best ghost hunting camera for those who do serious hunting.

You can connect the thermal camera with your smartphones that display the thermal heat signature of the area.

Setting up before you Hunt

Before you’re going hunting, you have to set up all the features that you need in the thermal camera.

Every camera has different settings in sensitivity and resolution hence you make sure the thermal camera settings. Some professionals bring the digital thermometer or laser thermometer for temperature reading and if needed, you can carry the flashlight.

It is essential to know where should you go hunting using the online search. Moreover, you have to plan what time you will go and the best time for ghost hunting is from 11 pm to 4 am. You can whether alone or with your team for more fun and ghost adventures.

How to find the ghosts in thermal camera

You may have questions like how to see a ghost with a camera and can ghost be caught on camera. Here is the answer for you; the ghosts can be caught on camera using the thermal heat signature of the surrounding environments.

You have to make sure that you focus all the directions and areas like ceiling, corners, floors, and doors, etc.

Make sure you are always recording the video and moves slowly and if any paranormal pops on your screen, you should be ready.

Focus on the colors that display on the screen and give attention to the area that has an unusual cold. According to some professionals, unusual hot areas also valuable to investigate ghosts.

In this ghost hunting guide, we’ve provided more details and valuable tips while ghost hunting using the thermal camera. We hope that will help you to capture the ghost images and find the paranormal activities in the haunted area.

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