Pulsar Trail XQ50 42mm Thermal Scope Review


A Thermal Scope is the best tool for hunters; by using a thermal scope, you can easily shoot the target without any distractions.

There are a lot of Thermal Scopes available in the market, so finding a suitable one is a bit difficult for you.

Pulsar is one of the brands that provide the best quality thermal scope for your great hunting experience.

The XQ50 Thermal scope is one of the best products in the Trail Series from Pulsar.

The advanced feature and high-quality design of this scope make this an ideal choice for hunting and law enforcement.

By using this thermal scope, you can avoid the external source of light for your night hunting. 

Pulsar Trail XQ50 42mm Thermal Scope Review

  • Sensor: Uncooled Microbolometer
  • Magnification: 2.7-10.8x
  • Objective Lens: 42mm
  • Eye Relief: 16mm
  • Refreshing Rate: 50 Hz
  • Detection Range: 1970 yards
  • Dimensions: 11.5×2.8×2.9 inches
  • Weight: 19.8 oz


The IPX-7 Water-resistant materials are used to construct this thermal scope; hence it will be suitable for all weather conditions.

The Pulsar Trail XQ50 Thermal scope is designed with new technologies so that it offers better environmental awareness.

The rugged housing of this scope provides good performance for tactical use. The size of this scope is 11.5×2.8×2.9-inches, and the weight of the scope is 19.8 oz.

Due to the material used in this scope, it is defined as a lightweight product. Moreover, the design of this scope has a matte finish, so it is not affected by corrosion. 

Lens Quality

The Glass type lens is used in this thermal scope, and the front end of this lens has the germanium coating so that you can clearly focus on the target in dark and light conditions.

The diameter of the objective lens of this scope is 42mm; it will help you to view the long-distance target.

The eye relief distance from the scope is 16 mm, and it ensures that you did not get any injuries at the time of using this scope.

The adjustment type of the reticle of this scope is 1 MOA, and you can adjust 1 MOA per click. 

Thermal Sensor

Due to the thermal imaging technology of this Pulsar XQ50 42mm Thermal Scope, you can use this in both day and night time.

The Uncooled Microbolometer is used as the thermal sensor of this scope. By using this thermal sensor, you can get the 348×288 high-resolution thermal image of the target; due to this thermal resolution, you can get the crisp and clear view of the target.

This pixel pitch core of this sensor is 17 um; it ensures a clear view of the environment. The refreshing rate of this thermal scope is 50 Hz so that you can also easily shoot the moving target. 

High-Resolution Display

The AMOLED display is equipped in this thermal sensor; by using this display, you can clearly view your surroundings in the hard weather conditions.

The picture shown in this display has 640×480 high-resolution. The quality of this image does not affect the magnification range and distance of the target. By using this display, you can also view the target in the dark environment.


This Pulsar Trail XQ50 42mm thermal Scope is the 2.7x to 10.8x magnification range; due to this range, you can easily detect the target up to 1970 yards.

The angle of the field of view of this scope is 13-degree, and the linear distance of this field of view is 9.8m at 100m. The digital zooming range of this scope is 2x to 4x.

Output Media

A recorder with the recoil activation is equipped in this thermal scope so that you can save your hunting experience in the image and video format.

Moreover, this recorder has the recoil activation feature, so it will automatically record the video of your hunting time.

An 8 GB SD card is in-built in this thermal scope; due to this, you do not need any additional storage device with this thermal scope.

Image Modes

There are different types of modes available in this thermal scope; you can choose the mode based on the environment and the range of the target.

The city, forest, and identification are the three types of operating modes of this scope, and the calibration modes of this scope are manual, automatic, and semi-automatic.

The Black Hot and White Hot are the Viewing mode of this scope. The Picture-in-Picture is the additional mode of this scope; by using this scope, the display shows the zooming images of the target in the center of the screen, and this mode ensures the precision accuracy of the target. 

Smart Reticles

There are 13 variable digital reticles designed in this thermal scope. This feature helps you to focus on the target in the various weather conditions.

The One-shot Zeroing is the most famous reticle of this scope; due to this, you can exactly get a shot on the target.

Moreover, you can choose the reticles based on the pattern, brightness, and color that are suitable for your environment. 

Mobile-Friendly Wi-Fi Streaming

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features are available in this thermal scope; by using this feature, you can connect your scope with other devices.

By using the Stream Vision Software mobile application, you can also control your scope with your Smartphone or Tablet.

Due to this Wi-Fi connectivity, you can connect your Android/iOS mobile and transfer the data from the scope to your device. 

Power and control

The 18650 Lithium-ion battery pack is used as the power source of this thermal scope. By using this battery, you can continuously use your scope for 8 hours.

A charging kit is also provided with this thermal scope for charging the battery. Using the wireless remote controller, you can control the power, brightness, magnification, and video record of this scope. 

Operating Temperature

By using this Pulsar Trail XQ50 42mm THermal Scope, you can easily detect the object under -25 °C to 50 °С.

Due to this temperature range, you can use this scope in all weather conditions; it will easily detect the target in the heavy rain, and snow. 

Our Final Words

Using thermal technology, you can get a new level of experience in your hunting. The Pulsar Trail XQ50 42mm Thermal scope is one of the best products for your hunting.

Due to the feature of this scope, you can easily aim the target in all weather conditions, and the thermal sensor of this scope shows the exact heat signature of the target. The in-built video recorder also helps you to record your hunting experience for the later view.

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